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Not sure where to start to learn about offshore oil and gas drilling? You’ve found the right place. Please find a collection of fact sheets from various organizations that highlight many of the risks offshore drilling poses to communities, economies, and natural resources. Additionally, you’ll find the North Carolina cities and towns who have passed resolutions opposing offshore drilling and/or seismic testing.


From the NC Conservation Network, this is what all of us are fighting to protect. Please share with your family, friends, community members. We need ALL of our voices to speak out in order to protect our beaches and the creature that call the sands and waters home!

The resistance across the entire East Coast coast is growing. More than 85 coastal municipalities have passed resolutions opposing offshore oil and gas drilling. On November 19, 2015, coastal leaders from all of the Mid-Atlantic states descended up Washington D.C. to ensure our nation’s decision-makers were listening to our voices.


On July 31, the NC Coastal Federation hosted a public forum on offshore drilling. Most who spoke addressed the risks this type of energy exploration and extraction pose for coastal ecosystems and communities as well as the actual economic “benefits” that are often over-inflated by industry. Click here to access the presentations from the forum (and share with others who have a stake in protecting our coast!)

Offshore Drilling & Seismic Testing Fact Sheets

Local Resolutions Against Offshore Drilling, Seismic Testing

Thanks for the tireless, hardworking staff and volunteers with OCEANA, more than 500 national, state and local elected officials have taken a public stance against offshore oil exploration and/or development, including 60+ coastal towns, cities and counties that passed resolutions opposing or voicing concern with the process. Below, we have included the North Carolina cities, towns, and counties who have taken action. See the entire list by visiting OCEANA’s website.

Resolutions Opposing Offshore Oil Exploration or Development:

Resolutions and Letters from NC Chambers of Commerce, Restaurant Associations, Tourism Boards, and Fishing Groups

Letters of Opposition from Elected Officials and Experts


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